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The Great Church Who Dunnit?

Coordinated by our fabulous Fellowship Committee, The Great Church Who Dunnit Mystery Dinner was a THRILLING success! Thank you to the committee for putting on such a wonderful event and to Venn Sweet (aka Penny Kerns) for hosting us all! The night was filled with laughter, drama, great costumes and lots of questions!

When Reese Rich (aka Kevin Feeley), Entrepreneur and businessman who's known to pay to get his way, is murdered, the race was on to find out "Who Dunnit"?

Could it be Jeck Needles (aka Cheryl Cain) who's been a Human Research Test Subject for the last 6 months for a new Super Human Drug that gives her the power to run as fast a cheeta. Her speed was demonstrated often in the beginning of the night - running circles around the house and weaving between guests. Then off her injections, she was conviced the lab owned by Reese was poisoning her.

Could it be Professor Apple (aka Rev. Ester Rendon-Thompson), sister of Reese who thinks her brother killed their grandmother for a huge inheritance and convinced their father to give her nothing. She turned to her artifacts which were the only friends worth having in life.

Perhaps it was Carey Coral (aka Nancy Farris) an Ancient Artifacts Dealer who's career is in ruins after Reese labeled her as a fraud.

There were many other suspects in the mix, all with their own motive... but alas, it turned out to be Piper Morgan (aka Morgan Bemko) the Poison Center Control Operator who found out what Reese was really up to. After threats of framing him for a future crime that would tarnish his aspirations of becoming mayor, this anxious operator put the ultimate end to Reese's line of criminal activity.

Congrats to our winners!

Best Costume: Yuni Sax, know-it-all Astronaut (Joanne Grant)

Best Performance: Iggy Jonas, ex-oil tycoon who only cares about one thing, Iggy Jonas (AKA Cathy Feeley)

By Sammy Cooper

Kilmore Daily Times

(aka Christine Bemko)

"I don't make the news, I write just report it." - Sammy Cooper

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